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At DiaEdu, our in-house sponsorship team is a key asset, equipped with a vast network of contacts from around the world. Our experienced team is adept at developing customized strategies to maximize revenue while creating compelling sponsorship packages aligning with sponsors’ goals and objectives. Our primary focus is centered on crafting valuable opportunities for sponsors to connect with attendees, enhance brand visibility, and drive lead generation.

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With an extensive network spanning diverse industries, we possess the unique ability to tap into a vast pool of potential sponsors and connect them with the perfect opportunities. Our strong connections keep us at the forefront of emerging trends and enable us to provide cutting-edge sponsorship opportunities for all.


Customization lies at the heart of our sponsorship approach. We build our partnerships strategically by investing time to comprehensively understand the sponsor’s goals, target audience, and brand objectives. This deep understanding enables us to craft tailored sponsorship packages that perfectly align with their unique needs.


We possess the art of constructive negotiation and understand the importance of finding mutually advantageous solutions for both sponsors and our clients. During negotiations, we prioritize thorough preparation, active listening, effective communication, and flexibility to set the foundation for a harmonious collaboration.

Professional Services to Drive Your Growth

Whether you’re looking to enhance brand visibility, drive revenue growth, or strengthen industry connections, our sponsorship management services are designed to unlock new opportunities and drive tangible outcomes.

  • Fundraising strategies and sponsorship prospectus
  • Creation of floorplan
  • Industry monitoring and research
  • Sponsorship database and portfolio management
  • Negotiation, contracting, and follow-up
  • Exhibition guidelines and logistics
  • Exhibition coordination and onsite management
  • Set-up and dismantling
  • Sponsorship renewals and upselling
  • Sponsorship retention plan
Comprehensive sponsorship management services driving growth and unlocking new opportunities

Targeted Sponsorship Management

At DiaEdu, we strongly believe in the importance of thoroughly identifying and understanding our sponsors before crafting a customized proposal.

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