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With a qualified association management team from the finest Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) in Dubai, UAE, we provide with the freedom to exclusively focus on your association’s core needs. Partner with DiaEdu event management company to dream big, achieve ambitious goals, and establish yourself on the global map.

DiaEdu Event Management Company provides Conference and Association Management Services in Dubai, UAE.

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A closer look at our online academy

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The online academy is our most popular association management service and serves as an ideal hub for expanding knowledge in a convenient online setting. The platform offers various search options, including categories, speakers, keywords, events, and custom strings. It also enables users to take online tests and extract CEU-accredited certificates. As a Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) of today, DiaEdu’s main goal is to elevate digital learning by offering custom solutions that best fit your association’s goals.

Our event management company provides technology solutions for online education of association members in Dubai, UAE

Our membership portal is truly unique

DiaEdu event management company provides Membership Management for Associations in Dubai, UAE to boost membership growth and provide membership benefits

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Our website features unique and interactive membership management with ease and secure login, profile assessment, and access to relevant online content. Furthermore, it monitors the learning progress of a user following integrated tracking models that also provide alerts. Additionally, our portal fosters community engagement, where members shape experiences that add value and retention in the long run.

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