Ranging from simple webinars to more comprehensive solutions such as product launches and virtual conferences.

Our virtual services offer the full solution as well as the technology to make your event a success. We provide the full answer to your virtual meeting needs covering all elements of virtual event management.

Core PCO Services

  • Societal endorsement and networking
  • Sponsorship management
  • Digital & social media marketing
  • Faculty management
  • Scientific management
  • Financial management

Virtual Services

  • Virtual branding
  • Customized registration
  • Customized website
  • Virtual exhibition development
  • OTC platform license & setup
  • Session pre-recording & editing
  • Technical handlers
  • Online customer service
  • Streaming platform development: several features!
  • Live streaming stations in venue
  • Post-streaming reporting
  • Video on-demand (VOD) migration

Its all up in the clouds

Diaedu will maximize the attendance of your virtual events and gurantees a seamless experience on all devices from anywhere in the world

Webinar Series

BEATS (Building Expertise in AF Thrombosis & Stroke Management) was one of the first virtual 6-part webinar series that took place in 2020 during the pandemic that encompassed over 20 speakers and was viewed by over 1500 delegates in the GCC



Education conducted by many associations took a further leap in outreach during the pandemic, as technology connected us to one another from all around the world. Webinars provide the ultimate solution to overcome these obstacles.

In pursuit of providing continuous medical education, intensive and topic-focused programs were developed by societies in a time-based series format “summits”

Summits have dedicated websites that are themed, specific and managed in a roll-out manner.

Core PCO services

Direct Marketing Mix through Emails and SMS

OTC platform license & setup with technical handlers/ online customer service

Virtual branding

Relative Association Collaboration and Synergy

Surveying & post-event reporting



Our product launches are translated into a virtual experience by creating a studio-alike atmosphere, presenting the scientific component of the product in an informative manner.

Crysvita® (burosumab-twza) Launch

Customized registration

Customized website

Streaming platform development

Live streaming stations

Video on-demand (VOD) migration

Polling, survey and post-event reporting



With the pandemic’s unprecedented impact on physical attendance, conferences have adapted to the virtual scene. The extensive platform moves all elements of the conference online, allowing parallel streaming, networking and exhibitor’s engagement.

Our virtual conferencing experience provides our customers with a customized development that provides flexibility to serve the purposes of their event.


Virtual Conference Platform Features:

  • Registration, user profiling and payment gateway
  • Interactive agenda and filters
  • Faculty pre-recording, listing and coordination
  • Multiple streaming tracks and breakout rooms
  • Abstract walls and listing for ePosters and recorded oral presentations
  • Virtual exhibition, defining features and coordinating exhibitors
  • Networking lounge and community engagement
  • Gamification and interactive polling
  • Scheduled push notifications and page specific pop-ups
  • Surveying and post-event feedback
  • Real time reporting, statistics and engagement charts for all stakeholders
  • Video on-demand (VOD) migration post-event for permanent viewership

Pan Arab Interventional Radiology Society (PAIRS) Congress Virtual 2021

AACE- Gulf Chapter Sixth Clinical Congress- Virtual 2021

11th Emirates Cardiac Society Conference- Hybrid

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