Finding a partner to compliment your association and its stakeholders is key to a stable growth. Diaedu is avid in assisting associations disperse their presence as the most reputable in their region while strategically transform their gaps into stretches.

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We nurture associations by thinking outside the box in meeting their long and short-term objectives. By laying out a both realistic yet fulfilling set of quarterly, annually and 5-Y KPIs, we customize our association management solutions to overcome your obstacles, find new opportunities and achieve sustainable growth.

According to our ideology, we guarantee our value proposition will allow your association to achieve their mission, become trend-setters and serve their purpose to current and new members. Through project scoping we facilitate association stakeholder decision making in designing product strategies that allow new market access and maintainable growth. We avert risks by simulating cost vs. benefit models in diverse scenarios while comprehend the meaning of your portfolio’s value in due course.

Our Philosophy

We develop association strategies that ignite growth, engage the community and build awareness.


The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists Gulf Chapter, established in 2012, unites more than 300 KOLs in the endocrine field within the Gulf and region. The AACE GC was one of the first to be licensed by the Dubai Associations Center (DAC)  under the umbrella of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce.

Visit the association website:

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Licensing your body allows you to conduct business transactions, legally protect your activities and conduct official auditing practices. We provide association licensing services through the Dubai Association Center (DAC) by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce. We will conduct rounds of meeting to comprehend your intentions to tailor your letters of intent, suggest bylaws, layout options of committee nomination processes and more. This will assist us in achieving an ideal application that will ensure granting your association a license. Upon obtaining your association license we will mediate the property rental process and open up a dedicated bank account for your association.

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Project-based Financial Management

Project-based Financial Management

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Outlook Reporting

Annual Audits

Annual Audits

Monetizing the future is quite important for the stability of your association during times of economic uncertainty. Diaedu provides associations with an in-depth review of the economic outlook for an association including perception assessment, competitive analysis and external perspective analysis. Along with fiscal environments, these indicators provide insight on money management tactics that would allow your association to analyze when and where to conduct activities that provide continuing growth. Our clients also are provided with audit reports that permit them to renew their active association licenses with government authorities in the region while certify a transparent body to its members.



Talking with your members is vital to keep them updates with the latest news on your association and industry policies. Vice versa, this also provides you with a means to acquire new members in key potential geographic areas. This is important as it demonstrates to members the value of being affiliated with their society while reinforces how important your members are to you.

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When, where, what, who and how?



At Diaedu, we believe in driving digital innovation to associations through tools that will induce their growth by maximizing outreach to current and potential members. We will strategize innovative ways of reaching out to potential members through KOL identification and simultaneously collaborate with similar KOLs in geographically neighboring societies on joint activities and initiatives.

Selecting your medium of outreach points to your stakeholders the fact that you know how to reach them. Whether the means in through partnering journal collaboration, email blasts, mobile app notification, short messaging or social media tools, we will diversify our media of outreach and ensure your intended messages have been communicated.

Membership Acquisition

Key-opinion-leader Identification

Neighboring Society Collaboration

Outreach Tools



We believe that optimal productivity of a committee or Board of Directors highly depends on upon how efficiently it is organized and executed. In a fast-moving-city ‘availability of time’ is the last thing board members have and this curtails their ability to run their boards or committees effectively. Diaedu has the experience to set the agenda and fully coordinate board of director meetings where will reveal the current environment while address challenges and future outlooks. We will seamlessly maintain and organize the files, and effectively action the decisions of your committee, allowing your board to function smoothly.

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